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I run this house (it don’t run me)

Alright, I’m going to go full throttle into what I have learned as a stay-at-home mom. I used to go crazy being consumed and overwhelmed by every day life, until I discovered the online SAHM community and learned the secret sauce. It’s all about systematizing! These things may seem like a lot of work up front, but all it takes is intentionality… and the pay-off is HUGE once these routines are set up.
I am happier, more present, and more able to actually enjoy my time with my kids and husband.My mental “to-do” list has been automated to eliminate last-minutedecision fatigue and panic/guilt, which are huge energy drains for me.
In this post, I briefly introduce the three main areas of daily life where I have set up routines, which I can discuss in more detail in future posts: 1. Morning self-care routine– If it doesn’t get done first thing, it won’t get done.
This is the single most important thing I have done for myself. It changed everything. It sets the tone for the day. I never tho…

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